TÜA - Tribal Tattoo Tour 2018 - Teaser

TÜA - SHORTCUTS - Mick Tattoo Switzerland

In this Episode of Tattooing Über Alles SHORTCUTS we represent the Swiss Tattoo Legend Mick Tattoo.

TÜA - Nachlass Christian Warlich, King of Tattoo Artists - Official Trailer

TÜA - Shane Enholm - Live at Kaiserstadt Tattoo Expo 2018

TÜA - SHORTCUTS - Rob Koss XXX Tattoo

In this Shortcuts Episode you will find one legends of tattooing from Switzerland.

TÜA - SHORTCUTS - Werner Businger/Old Century Tattoo

In this SHORTCUTS Episode we represent Werner Businger from Old Century Tattoo in Chur / Switzerland. He is one of Switzerlands best Tattooers and passionated biker. How he combines both he is telling you in this Clip.

TÜA - SHORTCUTS - Kustom Kulture Forever

In this SHORTCUTS Episode we represent the Kustom Kulture Forever and the Tattoo Convention. Responsible for the Tattoo part on this Show is Andreas Henschel from Ewig & drei Tage Tätowierungen. You should absolutely join this amazing Event in 2019!

TÜA - SHORTCUTS - Drew Horner

This is the first Episode of Tattooing Über Alles - SHORTCUTS in which we represent Drew Horner from Living Art Tattoo in Sweden.

Tattooing Über Alles Vol. 02

Notch the World - Heiko Gantenberg

Tattooing Über Alles Vol. 01

Andreas Coenen from The Sinner & The Saint Tattoo